Trauma involves a range of adverse experiences.  The need for therapy after enduring a trauma or several traumatic events varies greatly between people.  Not everyone who experiences a trauma will require therapy.  Two people can go through the same traumatic experience yet each may respond differently to the event.

There is a neurobiological response to trauma, this results in some people benefiting from professional counseling to return the mind & body to a desired functional level.  A person’s response to a traumatic event cannot be predicted. There are many factors as to why we each person experiences events differently.  

Negative symptoms can seem to appear out of nowhere and when you least expect it.  Some symptoms can be one or more consisting of panic attacks, irritability, sleep disturbances, intense fear, inability to focus, reliving the event(s), intrusive thoughts, images, & emotions, difficulty concentrating, sense of doom, and other symptoms. 

Seeking help in counseling after a trauma restores power to the person. During counseling a person can learn how the effects of trauma is affecting functioning and life.  We will work together to assess symptoms, identify triggers, find coping skills and strategies that work for you, promote healing, and restore neurobiological functioning. 

If one chooses to face it alone, the person may be unable to control their mood, mange panic attacks, control intrusive and unwanted thoughts, be unable to enjoy things once found pleasurable, and experience relationship issues.

If you have survived an adverse event and are experiencing difficulty with managing life, maintaining daily functioning, and/or intrusive thoughts/images/emotions, I encourage you to schedule an appointment.  We can work together to learn ways to improve health, daily life, and functioning. 

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