Depression is a term many people say and use in different ways.  Often times people express sadness and being down as saying, “I’m depressed”, or “I’m feeling depressed.” Although the person may be experiening a mood that has them more sad than usual or “down in the dumps”, or even deflated it may not be a diagnosis of depression. 

Depression as a diagnosis which represents a person experiencing a biochemical circumstance.  A professional in psychology, counseling, and psychiatry can diagnosis, treat, and assist in managing this condition.  If someone is diagnosed with depression this does not define the person no more than one diagnosed with diabetes defines the person.  It is something the person lives with but not all of who the person is.  

When someone is in therapy for a diagnosis of depression, this does not mean the person will no longer experience symptoms of depression.  The professional will guide the person in treatment and assist with managing the symptoms to maintain a functioning level of living.  

Symptoms of depression can occur in waves and take the person by surprise or when a person learns more about one’s own symptoms, biology, and onset the person may understand when symptoms are arising.  When depression is left untreated it can diminish a person’s quality of life and negatively impact relationships as well as work.

Working with a professional can assist a person in managing the depression to allow for a healthier functioning level.  Additionally the professional can assist family and loved ones of how to be supportive. As a team the person living with depression and the professional can develop resources and establish new ways of being.

If you are concerned about managing your moods, inability to experience happiness or joy, loss of emotions, longer time in bed, unexplained crying, or anything where you are wondering if you may be experiencing depression, I encourage you to schedule an appointment. Let’s talk to understand what you are going through, together we can determine how to repower your healthy life.

“Depression is like being colorblind and constantly told how colorful the world is.” – Atticus

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