A career is a reflection of how one utilized skills and knowledge to contribute to various jobs over a lifetime.  A career is truly known as one looks over it and understands the themes, connections, and efforts throughout one’s work history. The career journey rarely is a straight path from education to retirement.  Often it contains winding roads, detours, roadblocks, navigational mishaps, blind spots, hazards, as well as unexpected stops.  During one’s career journey circumstances may contribute to increase stress, anxiety, depression, or feeling stuck or lost, possibly searching for meaning or something “better”; it can be challenging.

While one is engaged in work, the person is also interacting with other people.  These interactions are not always positive and can generate problems at work. People can experience work-life imbalance, harassment, unemployment, bullying, and other negative situations.  Career counseling can be utilized to improve work performance, relationships, balance, as well as direction.

Positive circumstances at work can also lead to increased stress, anxiety, or depression.  This can include additional responsibility, a promotion, new work location, new reporting structures, organizational shifts, and more.  People can find it confusing to process negative feelings with a positive event.  Counseling is a resource and tool to adjust in a healthy manner.

There are times when a person is frustrated with not knowing how to use her/zir/his skills and knowledge in the world of work.  Family can add pressure to selecting ways to work. Apricity Wellness Counseling services can assist in generating direction and working through pressures.

Career counseling is a resource to assist with discovering answers to your concerns and determining action steps to build a road to the identified goal. Life design is useful in career counseling to honor a person’s story while incorporating meaning into vocation and avocation.

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